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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday, I came to a conclusion that I am afraid to admit. Perhaps this is just a sign that I am getting older along with having just attended my 30 year high school reunion. But I have decided that speeding in the car just doesn’t make good sense. Now that I have a GPS, I can see visible evidence that going faster does not make that much difference. It is true theoretically that going 10 miles an hour faster should get you 10 miles further per hour. On a long trip that could make a significant difference toward the end. However, on short trips going faster makes almost no discernible difference in when you arrive. For the record, I love to go fast. I love to drive fast in a car. I love rollercoasters that go fast. (I don’t like for them to make me feel that I’m going to fall out of my chair, as does Apollo’s’ Chariot at Busch Gardens) In my one hour experiment last night of driving the speed limit of 65, rather than 70 or more, according to my GPS I lost one minute, one small minute was lost on my GPS screen. However, what I gained was, I wasn’t thinking about how fast I was going at all. It eliminated the feeling that I was in a hurry. It eliminated the nagging feeling that I am taking ridiculous risks with my family. It eliminated the worry that I might get caught speeding. So, the conclusion. It is time for me to take up driving the speed limit as a spiritual discipline. Who knows what else I’ll be able to get done when I give up the silly game, of “let’s see how quickly I can get to my next appointment.”