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Friday, October 14, 2011

Serving the world from home

Sitting this morning in my very comfortable home office, I am shaken by my reading in Operation World of the obscure (to me) ethnic and religious diversities of the regions around Chechnya in Russia. The tremendous poverty and unemployment, along with ethnic and religious violence among people’s of which I’ve previously never heard have captured my imagination. I don’t want to be guilty of what David Brooks speaks of, that is, Americans enjoying and complementing themselves on having sympathetic feelings toward people who are hurting but doing nothing whatsoever to make a difference in those circumstances. The first step I am taking is to get more serious about praying using the Operation World guide and signing up for the daily email from their site. I don’t know what else to do today, but I draw some encouragement from today’s entry from Oswald Chambers that it is up to God’s sovereignty to determine from where I am to minister.

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  1. I've been talking with my pastor about this very topic. He told me about a close friend of his who'd been prepared to go overseas. He and his wife had undergone a year-long training. As it turned out, he never went and found that his 'calling' was a youth soccer ministry in Northern California.