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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rough Notes from message on Hosea 1

I've had a few people inquire about last Sunday morning's message at Bethany Place. The audio recording failed. So I am reluctantly posting my very rough notes for those who may want to read them. I am reluctant to post these notes for several reasons.
  1. They are a few steps removed from what happened in the service. My preparation process involves writing out what I sense God leading me to say from the the study of the text. But then I work to condense that writing into short bullet points, all the while sharpening the focus. This document represents the beginning of the creation of the bullet points. A lot of further sharpening took place. Also, what happens live in a service is quite different from what's in my notes.
  2. Generally these notes are for my eyes only so they are not good writing. I once did a message on Evolution & Creation and a teenager in our church wanted my notes to share with an atheist friend. I sent them to her and she forwarded them to him. The atheist student then ridiculed the quality of my writing telling me that it might get a C in his high school English class! Well maybe, if the teacher was feeling generous! This writing is part of a process that never gets to polished writing. As such it could be very hard to follow. Some thoughts are incomplete. Often the flow is not good from one thought to the next. Such things get cleaned up in later revisions. 
  3. I address a couple of controversial issues in this message that could be taken out of context. Live speech creates the opportunity to explain, and put just the write stress on what I am addressing. Of course, I can do this in writing, but since a writing product is not the final goal, this writing does not represent the best thinking on the subject.
So with those caveats, if you are still interested you can find my notes here

If you do make it through to the end, please leave a comment here on the blog.

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