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Monday, August 6, 2012

The value of taking risks

This morning I read Michael Hyatt’s post on the value of frequently pushing past your comfort zone. Yesterday I preached from Phil. 2:19-30 where Paul said of Epaphroditus, “he nearly died, risking his life to make up what was lacking in your care to me.” Recently I read Fearless, the tremendous story of the life of Navy Seal Adam Brown. After all this, I find myself wanting to add a step to my daily disciplines called, “Take a Risk.”

If I/we don't do this we are in danger of obsessing over comfort and safety. It's not bad to be smart about real dangers. I’m grateful for seat belts, smoke alarms, and surge protectors. I don’t want to take foolhardy risks. However, I think its possible that along with the onslaught of commercials we hear, most of which appeal to our desire to be comfortable or to serve ourselves in some manner, we are lulled into not risking anything.

Hyatt suggests that pushing past your comfort zone is important because:
  • This is where growth happens.
  • This is where the solutions are.
  • This is where fulfillment resides.
I want all of those things but more important to me is to be alert to the call of God.

So how often do you take risks? What comfort zone do you need to bust out of that’s holding you back? How is God calling you to live more dangerously? 

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