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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sabbath thoughts

Having preached on the concept of Sabbath in the past and thought much about it, a short  post by Ray Ortlund called Is the Sabbath still relevant caught my eye. Actually I found it through this post by Tim Challies. My thinking about Sabbath is not so much about what our responsibility is to observe Sabbath, but rather what we are missing by not observing it. It was Jesus who said, Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Here's a paragraph from Ortlund's post:
I wonder if the very concept of “the weekend” is biblical.  It seems to me that “the weekend” turns Sunday into a second Saturday.  Home Depot may gain, but we lose.  It turns Sunday into a day to catch up on what we didn’t do Saturday or a day to ramp up for what’s ahead on Monday.  It hollows out our whole week, because it marginalizes God and church and sermons and all the other vital things that happen in our lives only when we make the vital things also the central things.  If we accept the concept of “the weekend,” we risk “fitting God in” rather than centering our every week around him.  We risk living soul-exhausted lives, and wondering why God isn’t more real to us, why we’re grumpy.


  1. Yes! Every minute of every day, we should be glorifying God. Good observation!