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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Worrying about Money

I love discovering books I've never heard of while reading other books. I'm reading one now I discovered in just this way, Keeping the Heart by John Flavel. It's an old book written in old English, but you can handle it. This is a quote from a chapter on guarding your heart from worrying about being in need:
6. Does it become the children of such a Father to distrust his all-sufficiency, or (fret) at any of his (provisions)? Do you well to question his care and love upon every new (need)? Say, have you not formerly been ashamed of this? Has not your Father's seasonable provision for you in former difficulties put you to the blush, and made you resolve never more to question his love and care? And yet will you again renew your unworthy suspicions of him? Disingenuous child! Reason thus with yourself: "If I perish for want of what is good and needful for me, it must be either because my Father knows not my wants, or has not wherewith to supply them, or regards not what becomes of me. Which of these shall I charge upon him? Not the first: for my Father knows what I have need of. Not the second: for the earth is the Lords arid the fatness thereof, his name is God All-sufficient. Not the last: for as a Father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him; the Lord is exceeding pitiful and of tender mercy; he hears the young ravens when they cry:‌–‌and will he not hear me? Consider, says Christ, the fowls of the air; not the fowls at the door, that are fed every day by band, but the fowls of the air that have none to provide for them. Does he feed and clothe his enemies, and will he forget his children? he heard even the cry of Ishmael in distress. O my unbelieving heart, dost thou yet doubt?"
Flavel, John (2012-08-20). Keeping the Heart (Kindle Locations 755-765). Fig. Kindle Edition.

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