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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Only if You Believe in a Good God

Philip Yancey reflecting on he said before a large group in Newtown just a couple of days after Christmas 2012 and a few weeks after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I went on to say that, as I pondered the question after Sandy Hook, to my surprise I felt my faith affirmed, not shattered. I know well the questions about a good and powerful God that rush to the surface when suffering strikes, and much of my writing has circled those questions. Yet, as theologian Miroslav Volf wrote on his blog the day after the Newtown shootings, “Those who observe suffering are tempted to reject God; those who experience it often cannot give up on God, their solace and their agony.” The presence of so many in church on a wintry night proved his point.  
“You can protest against the evil in the world only if you believe in a good God,” Volf also said. “Otherwise the protest doesn’t make sense.”

Yancey, Philip (2013-07-09). The Question That Never Goes Away (Kindle Locations 986-991). Creative Trust Digital. Kindle Edition. 

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