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Monday, January 27, 2014

My new favorite Bible reader

I really like my Logos Bible Software program. However, it is huge and can be slow. I don't think its the fault of my computer which is fairly robust. Whether or not I should, sometimes I still wonder about this, I do most of my Bible reading and essentially all of my Bible study electronically. I still use Logos but only when I need my commentary resources or need to copy and paste for presentations. I'm still using YouVersion to track my daily Bible reading plan. However, I am now using for my every day reading, prayer, and study. And I just discovered a feature I didn't know was there I wanted to let you know about. There are several reasons why I'm using this site now:

  • It runs no ads. I don't want someone trying to sell me something while I'm studying the bible. I get enough of that from everywhere else as it is.
  • It's fast. 
  • It's the ESV
  • It has Max McLean, my favorite reader of audible Bibles.
  • But my new favorite feature is reader mode. This defaults to no verse or chapter numbers. You can toggle this on and off but you may know that those were added to the scripture text much later to make things easier to find. However you they can get in the way. Crossway is releasing a new paper ESV like this soon, but the site will do it now.  
You can see how to go to the reader page below.

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