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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reasons I Love My Wife

Recently I've been telling Kat that I may be the front man for this operation that we call our family, but that she is the force behind the scenes that makes it all work. After seeing a post by Michael Hyatt about 10 reasons he loves his wife, I decided to write my own. So here goes: 

10 reasons why I love Kat:
  1. She loves God and is deeply committed to knowing him through her pursuit of him in prayer, personal bible study and worship. 
  2. She is a passionate worshipper of God.
  3. She is tenaciously committed to our family and ruthlessly protective of our marriage. She claims our kids see me as their hero. I don't know if that's true, but to the extent that it is, it’s  because she has served as my parenting coach, letting me know when one them needs my attention for a conversation, date, or day trip. Plus she has persistently built me up in their eyes.
  4. She is ridiculously low maintenance. She has a complete absence of a desire for things.
  5. She loves me and is my greatest encourager.
  6. She seems incapable of what the Bible calls the fear of man. She is not intimidated by anyone regardless of who they are. This enables her to be a great help to people, striking the right balance between toughness and tenderness, without being troubled by what they think.
  7. If Kat were the only mother in law in the world, mother in law jokes wouldn’t exist. She adores our daughter in law Kim. She loves and respects my parents and is very inclusive with them. For instance she invited my mom to go with us to China to get Noelle. 
  8. She loves our church body and is deeply immersed in its life.
  9. She is the toughest person I know, having persevered through what are some days blinding headaches. She has had a constant headache for more than 20 years. Not long into that process, after many prayers for healing, she flipped a switch in her soul that said, this pain is not going to define my life. By far her greatest ministry and fruitfulness have been in the years since and perhaps not in spite of the pain, but because of it.
  10. She loves to laugh, oh and by the way, she is beautiful!
Incidentally, Kat wrote a post late last night that I didn't know about when I wrote the above. It relates a bit to what I wrote. You can read her post here.

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