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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Word about the Worth of Every Person (a follow up on today's sermon)

I sought today by God's grace to say a strong word regarding what the Bible says about sex, primarily from Proverbs 7. There's only so much I can say in one sermon and there is much to be said and discussed on this issue. But as I was driving home a thought occurred to me regarding children conceived outside of a marriage. That word is this:
Children are never accidents in God's economy.
Just because the way in which a child is conceived could be sin, every child  conceived is a precious creation of God to be loved and treasured and welcomed into the world with open arms. It grieves me to think that anyone could somehow hear in what I shared today that God sees children differently based on how they were brought into the world. I don't know that anyone did. That would be a terrible distortion of what the Bible says. It's just the kind of thing the enemy of our souls would try to pull off in someone's mind to keep them from hearing the good news of the gospel, even as it pertains to God's good gift of sex.

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