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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Table of Costs of Sexual Expression outside of God's Will

I created the following table to support the message Uncommon Sense about Sex from Proverbs 7. It was not meant to be comprehensive. Primarily, I was trying to emphasize that when we sin sexually, the costs to us personally keep accumulating as we move down the list. That doesn't mean that they can't be dealt with but there are increasing consequences that have to be addressed. Those could be as simple as confession and repentance at the beginning progressing to very serious consequences toward the bottom that could not likely be reversed. 

The list will make more sense along with the message which I will link to here once it becomes available. 

Table of Costs of Sexual Expression outside of God's Will
ActDescriptionCost (cumulative moving down)
Desireincludes same sex attractionNot sin
Lust/FantasyDwelling on the desire to imaginingSin. Everything else down in the table is sin. Real guilt, adultery in heart
PornographyAny visual media depicting nudity for its sexual appealSee people as sexual objects, desensitized
ExperimentingHuge category: Everything short of intercourse, heterosexual or homosexualSteadily increasing guilt; law of diminishing returns
Pre-marital sexPre-marital sexDrastically increased emotional engagement: plays havoc on internal well being and sense of self, increased danger of pregnancy and/or disease
AdulteryAny sexual contact leading up to and including intercoursePotential destruction of marriage, creates jealous rage
SubordinateSexual contact between a supervisor and someone within his or her responsibilityAlways coercive, so increased damage to victim plus potential loss of job and legal ramifications
AbuseAny sexual contact adult to childAll of the above plus horrific damage to child and others

Forgiveness: Through grace and repentance real guilt before God can be forgiven, but that doesn't remove consequences.

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