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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Prayer List Challenge

This paragraph is messing with me today:
Packer is concerned about how many Christians tend to pray from long "prayer lists." The theological thinking and self reflection that should accompany supplication takes time. Prayer lists and other such methods may lead us to very speedily move through names and needs with a cursory statement "if it is your will" without the discipline of backing up our requests with thoughtful reasoning. Packer writes that "if we are going to take time to think our way into the situations and personal lives on which are intercessions focus," we may not be able to pray for as many items and issues.“ Our amplifying and argumentation will (then) lift our intercessions from the shopping list, prayer-wheel level to the apostolic category of what Paul called “struggle” (Col. 2:1-3).
From Prayer by Tim Keller page 229-230.  

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