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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mashed Potatoes Theology

I love mashed potatoes.

They love me too. Mashed potatoes seem to be about the heaviest food you can eat.  Loaded with milk, salt, butter, and sour cream; when you eat them, they just park, for a good long while. I am always heavier on a day after I eat them.

Kat makes the best mashed potatoes and we are always grateful when she does and I'm glad to help clean up. But my least favorite task of cleaning up is finding containers to put leftovers in. Those leftover mashed potatoes are not to be wasted! It’s too much work to make them and well, you know. So it's important to find a container big enough to scoop them into so they will be available for later.  You want a container that will hold all the potatoes.

To state the obvious, it's not those little throwaway plastic containers that you are valuable. It's the mashed potatoes that matter.

Stay with me here. You have a theology.  Everyone does; even atheists. There is something in their minds about the God they don't believe in. Your theology is a kind of container for the truth about God. In this case, it's not so much about the size, but its shape.  If we don't have the right shaped container for the truth about who God is, then when we hear Truth, we can't keep it.  Our understanding of who God is, what the Christian life is like, is skewed. That is dangerous. Sometimes we can even reject truth out of hand, if we can't find a shape it fits into.

The book of Revelation is a part of the inspired Word of God. Our understanding of the world and who God is will be incomplete in our mind if we ignore this book. It helps us to see the end from the beginning. Here's how Eugene Peterson says that:

The truth of the gospel is already complete, revealed in Jesus Christ. There is nothing new to say on the subject. But there is a new way to say it. I read the Revelation not to get more information but to revive my imagination. . .  . [John] takes truth that has been eroded to platitude by careless usage and sets it in motion before us in an ‘animated and impassioned dance of ideas.

I'm in the midst of a three-week series from the 6th chapter of Revelation. That's where the material begins that the book is famous for; the prophecies of things to come in the future. The series is simply called, Next. You can listen to the first message here. This Sunday's message is called, "Normal is Overated, Overlooked." I'm praying that you give me the opportunity to share with you the message God has given me this week.

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